Ontario to Tackle Money Laundering in Casinos

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Ontario’s Auditor General released a report for the province’s 2022 financial year. Highlights include some areas where the government could save money or tackle better.

In the document containing 15 variety of topics, including COVID-19 contracts and vaccinations, environmental protections, and auto insurance rates, online casinos also made the list.

The auditor general of Ontario, Bonnie Lysyk, has voiced concern over money laundering in casinos in the province. In a report released, she has made recommendations to the government on how to better prevent and detect money laundering. Lysyk says that casino operators have not been doing enough to stop money launderers from using their facilities. She is calling on the government to increase regulation in this area.

In order to crack down on money laundering in the province’s casinos, Ontario will likely place stricter safeguards on casino cheques while also beefing up its scrutiny of cash transactions.